SwiftKick specializes in crafting digital products, working with clients to understand their specific needs, and tailor services around them. As a contracted UX designer, I led creative direction for their brand identity and logo, and I completely rebranded and redesigned their website. My focus was on enhancing usability to improve the overall experience, making it easier for clients to connect and interact with the site. This redesign was carefully crafted with both the end-users and clients in mind, integrating their needs to create a seamless and engaging digital environment.
The SwiftKick project was a comprehensive freelance engagement requiring a full rebrand, including logo redesign, visual identity overhaul, and a complete restructuring of their website. My objective was to craft a more engaging and accessible brand that would seamlessly extend to both their web and mobile platforms. The focus was on creating a design that not only clarified and enhanced the brand’s presentation but also strategically improved user engagement and conversion rates.
I collaborated closely with SwiftKick’s founder to capture the essential details and overarching vision. Our discussions centered on the company’s mission, enabling us to define a visual and verbal identity that accurately reflected SwiftKick's values and objectives. This alignment was crucial in developing a user-centric design that effectively communicates the brand’s offerings and enhances user understanding.
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