Role: Senior Product Designer
StellarFi provides a credit access solution by allowing users to build credit through timely monthly bill payments. It features tri-bureau reporting and competitive rates, making it a top choice for rent and utility reporting services. Dive into our StellarFi review to see if it aligns with your financial needs.
StellarFi is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by promoting financial equity. The company has been instrumental in helping individuals enhance their credit scores simply by ensuring their bills are paid on time.
Onboarding Funnel Optimization
As a Product Designer focused on optimizing user experience, I spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of the onboarding funnel for StellarFi, addressing key challenges to enhance conversion rates and user understanding. Initially confronted with a low conversion rate on the 'Link Your First Bill' page, I redesigned the flow, which led to significant improvements in these metrics.

Financial Education Improvement
Recognizing the lack of initial user education about StellarFi, I introduced an educational step early in the onboarding process. This step clearly explains each subsequent action, its requirements, and its benefits—particularly emphasizing the credit advantages of linking multiple bills. To support this educational approach, I refined the copy alongside our copywriter to be more transparent and straightforward, providing users with clear, guided steps and articulating the benefits distinctly at each stage.
User Guidance
Visually, I aligned illustrations and graphical elements with the educational content to reinforce the messaging, creating a cohesive user interface. I also integrated UI enhancements such as drawers and tooltips to offer additional context without cluttering the space, ensuring key elements are visible without the need for scrolling.
Engagement and Results
Further strategic improvements included redesigning the progress bar to better guide users through the steps, which led to an 18% increase in user activations. Additionally, the introduction of a financial goals questionnaire at the start of the funnel further boosted user activations by 15.2%.
Enhancing Payment Flexibility & Visualization
I designed a new feature called "Pay Now, Pay Later" to enhance compliance with all major credit bureaus by giving users the flexibility to manage their payments at their convenience. To further integrate our services, we introduced a new digital card that users utilize to pay their bills. I recommended that this secured credit card be prominently visualized within the product interface to reinforce its centrality to the user experience. This visual representation was first implemented in the "Pay Now, Pay Later" flow, marking a significant enhancement in how users interact with and understand our payment options.
Landing Pages
During my time at the company, I led a major update of our entire website to match our new brand identity, starting with the less visited pages. This allowed us to test out design changes and gather valuable insights, which I then used to improve our more popular pages, boosting user engagement significantly. In the next phase, I applied these insights to overhaul our core pages. Working closely with the Marketing team, I handled all web-related tasks, using Webflow to design and build each page from the ground up. This involved close collaboration with stakeholders, engineering, and quality assurance to ensure everything was just right. This hands-on and strategic approach not only made our site look and work better but also helped strengthen our brand's online presence.
Ad Designs

As part of the company’s rebrand initiative, I directed the concept and delivery of ads for every marketing channel including affiliate marketing, partnerships, PPC ads, and more.
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